2018 – 2019 PoL 1st Cycle of Seminars: Legal Challenges from the Peripheries

22/10/2018: The Political Economy of Legal Knowledge

Speaker: Daniel Bonilla (Associate Professor at Universidad de los Andes)

28/11/2018: The Venezuelan ‘Exodus’ Before the Colombian Constitutional Court: Hospitality in a Time of ‘Crisis’?

Speaker: Louis Imbert (Doctoral Researcher at Sciences Po Law School)

05/11/2018: Third World Resistance in International Human Rights Law: Working Children’s Movements, the ILO, and the Global Child Labour Regime

Speaker: Edward van Daalen (PhD Researcher at Geneva University

2017-2018 PoL Cycle of Seminars: Legal Dialogues from the South

28/02/2018: The Judicialization of Politics: Lessons from Brazil

Speaker: Bruno SOUSA RODRIGUES (Doctoral Researcher at Sciences Po Law School)

26/10/2017: Human Rights Language: Freedom of Religion and the Sharia

Speaker: Ghazal Miyar (Doctoral Researcher at Sciences Po Law School)